Costly Mistakes from DIY Pressure Washing

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Pressure washing can effectively remove accumulated gunk from your exterior surfaces, quickly returning your surface to its original sparkle. But you might want to do this task all by yourself to save a few bucks. 

However, you’re better off hiring an expert like Platinum Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning for pressure washing in Denver. Taking a DIY approach can leave you with a costly mess. Let’s dive deeper and see some of the costly mistakes you’ll often make during DIY pressure washing. 

The Use of Poor Quality Equipment 

Professional-grade pressure washers don’t come cheap. And without such equipment, you would hardly get desirable results. An ordinary power washer may not have the features and capabilities for optimal performance. 

A reputable professional will clean your property with hi-tech equipment. This equipment offers a range of cleaning methods like power washing and soft washing. So you can be sure you’ll get mind-blowing results without tarnishing your surfaces. 

Using Excessive Pressure on a Surface

When it comes to pressure washing in Denver, you should know the correct pressure to use on any flat surface. Many DIYers use too much pressure and end up damaging the surface they’re cleaning. 

If you set your equipment at very high pressure, you may etch your siding panels or concrete surfaces. You also risk stripping paint off your walls. Fixing this mess can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars. 

Experienced pressure cleaning technicians know the right pressure to use on different surfaces and materials. They’ll leave your surfaces as clean as new without etching, warping, or stripping the surface material.

No Cleaning Solution Used

When it comes to pressure washing, you’ll often not get the best results if you use water alone. You’ll also need an appropriate cleaning agent to make the process more efficient. 

Sadly, many DIY enthusiasts downplay the significance of adding a surface cleaner to the washing solution. Or they simply forget about it. This mistake will not only hamper the effectiveness of the cleaning process, but it can also harm your building materials. 

You’ll also need to use a lot of water, driving up your utility bill. To avoid wasting time, effort, and money, leave your pressure washing needs to professionals who know what they’re doing. 

Neglecting the Proper Cleaning Order

If you’ve never tried pressure cleaning before, you may not know that cleaning exterior surfaces must follow a certain order. There’s no way you can clean the windows before washing the siding!

By the time you finish cleaning the siding, the windows will be dirty again. You’ll only be wasting your time and cleaning solution. Why not leave the task to the experts and save yourself the hassle?

Work with Proficient Pressure Washers in Denver

If you want reliable pressure washing in Denver that will save you the headache of the above mistakes, turn to the experts at Platinum Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning. We’ll effectively clean every square inch of your property without causing any damage. 

Give Platinum Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning a call at (303) 931-7300 for your free estimate today!

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