Awning Cleaning
in Denver, CO

Keeping your Awnings Looking Pristine

Awnings are a crucial extension of your roof that provides shade and protection for your customers from various weather conditions. The coverings also represent your business by adding an extra touch of decoration, so you want them to look their best.

awning cleaning

Enhancing the Allure of your Awnings with a Cleaning

Because your walkway covering is exposed to unpredictable situations such as animals and weather, they are vulnerable to wear and tear. Keeping your awnings clean not only brightens up the facility but can increase the curb appeal to create an eye-catching look. Regular care will also promote the longevity of the material and prevent premature replacement.

Accidental damage from pests and vehicles can also be a concern when caring for the awnings. Regularly scheduled inspections of these areas by a professional company will help maintain the durability and aesthetics of your property. A professional service can keep your coverings clean and free of staining from things like:

With all the contaminants that your awnings face, you want to have the best experience you can. The experts at Platinum Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning will evaluate your property and decide which cleaning solution will be most effective.

Protect your Awnings with Regular Cleanings

Because of the fabric’s traditional shape and the awning location on a building, these are prone to build-up of contaminants. There is the option to clean them yourself, and most awnings can be cleaned with a brush and gentle detergent when maintained regularly. They can also benefit from soft washing for more complex jobs, but you risk damaging the fabrics without proper equipment and experience.

Toxins like mildew and mold can build up on untreated surfaces and do not go away on their own. If these contaminants are unchecked, they can cause the fabrics to weaken and disintegrate. Lichens are another common fungus that can take hold of an outdoor canopy if left unattended. Much like the mold and other variants that can accumulate, you want them removed to prevent damage and maintain sanitation. By hiring a local professional, you can rest assured they will bring the proper tools to keep your property safe and the cost low.

awning cleaning

Make your Awning Care a Priority

Whether it is an awning, a tent, or a canopy representing your establishment, you want a professional cleaning done right. The experts at Platinum Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing in Denver, CO know the importance of having a presentable facility to increase and maintain your customer base. And you can rest easy not having to worry about anything falling on your customers from an unkempt awning.

Getting a regularly scheduled awning cleaning will help ensure a longer life for your coverings, save you time, and create a presentable space for your patrons. Do not let your awnings deteriorate from neglect; give us a call today at 303-931-7300 for a consultation or to set up an appointment.

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