Abandoned Chewing Gum is Unsightly and Unsanitary

It is not uncommon to find chewing gum carelessly left behind in high-traffic areas. And because your business represents you, seeing a wad of sticky gum can promote a sense of disregard for onlookers. Hiring a professional gum removal service will help ensure you have a walkway that is clean and presentable.

gum removal

Gum Removal Done Right

Any location people have access to is vulnerable to discarded chewing gum. This is problematic because it can spread into your business as it is tracked inside from people’s feet and causes further issues. When the gum is combined with saliva, it makes it sticky, resulting in your facility grounds or carpet fibers becoming a magnet for dirt and other debris.

And because people are creatures of habit, if one person leaves chewed gum somewhere, there is a good chance others will too. This behavior can create a more significant problem without proper cleaning. Some common areas of your business to inspect are:

Knowing what kind of material your surface is made of is essential for choosing the most effective removal methods. A professional will inspect the contaminated area and help identify the best practices for sanitizing based on the surface’s porousness, age, and solidness. If the exterior is too old, there is a risk of etching it from the sprayer’s pressure. The surface sensitivity is why we recommend hiring an expert who understands how to maintain the integrity and reduce damage during the cleaning process.

Another concern is how old the gum is and the time it has spent on the surface. If the gum spots have turned black, we can use certain chemicals, such as paint strippers, to remove them, but there are always risks in the do-it-yourself method. We recommend checking a small section of the concrete’s corner for discoloration or damage if you choose to use any chemicals.

Hiring a professional will ensure you have the proper techniques and equipment to prevent degeneration and remove the spots that gum can leave behind. Our eco-friendly methods are safe for the environment and great for your business, so you can rest assured the cleaning process is done right.

Keep Your Walkways Looking Their Best

A client getting a sticky gob on the bottom of their shoe is the last thing you want to happen. Platinum Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning Denver, CO understands the importance of having a professional-looking facility. We use a safe and advanced method for the process that will keep your business looking its best all year long.

Scheduling regular gum removal maintenance on your property will give you confidence that your grounds are clean and aesthetically pleasing to your customers. We pride ourselves on providing you with excellent customer service, and our 22 years of business will prove just that. Call us to set up an appointment or for a free consultation at 303-931-7300.

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