Pressure Washing Henderson, CO

Quality Pressure Washing Services in Henderson, CO

No matter the season or weather, home and business owners can always benefit from pressure washing in Henderson, CO.

Hiring a professional power washing company can not only improve a home or business’s curb appeal and prevent the much-dreaded long stare of shame, but built-up dirt is also more than just an eyesore. If left unchecked, it can lead to structural damage and even pest problems.

If you need a professional power washing company, look no further: Platinum Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning is here for you.


Both commercial and residential properties benefit from pressure washing, and our services aim to meet all needs and budgets.

Whether you are an exhausted mother of three who needs her garage door cleaned or a business owner who needs some graffiti removed, we can help.

Residential Pressure Washing Services

Homes are diverse, and so are their needs. Platinum Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning can help with any family’s spring, summer, fall, or winter cleaning.

Our services include:

Home Washing


Washing Decks


Patio Cleaning


Window Washing


Rust Removal


Christmas Lights Installation

We clean solar panels and driveways too.


A business can be its owner’s home away from home, and storefronts deserve just as much cleaning TLC as houses do, if not more.

Platinum Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning offers a wide range of commercial pressure washing services, from cleaning storefronts and drive-thru establishments to assisting with graffiti removal, gum removal, and construction site clean-up.

For a complete list of our commercial building cleaning services, feel free to give us a call at 303-931-7300.

Why Choose Platinum Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning

Platinum Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning is a dedicated team of professionals who takes pride in ensuring top-of-the-line service and customer satisfaction.

All our pressure washing and window cleaning is done with the best equipment, and our contractors rank as the best in the business. Our customers love our work, and we know that you will too.

About Henderson, CO

Henderson, once called “Henderson Island,” is a small suburb in Adams County, Colorado. It is less than ten miles away from Denver and Commerce City, but it has no shortage of things to see and do.

Residents will find a quiet suburb surrounded by plenty of Colorado’s trademark natural beauty. Tourists will find a lot to do with water parks, local breweries, and even nature preserves.

Animal lovers can head over to the Lion Habitat Ranch and the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve, while those looking for a more traditional vacation can go to the Cowabunga Water Park or the Sunset Station Casino.

Henderson may be small, but it soars when it comes to excitement and character.

Get a Free Quote in Henderson, CO, Today

If you have a home that needs cleaning or a business that needs a boost in curb appeal, give Platinum Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning a call.

You can reach us at 303-931-7300 for a free quote or email us at for more information about pressure washing in Henderson, CO. 

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