Professional Pressure Washing Vs. DIY Pressure Washing in Denver


One of the most important things to keep in mind as you are looking for pressure washing in Denver, CO, is that professional and DIY pressure washing may sound similar and under the same category, but they are two very different things.

If you are in the market for a pressure washing service, you might wonder what the difference is between do-it-yourself and professional pressure washing in Denver.

In this blog post, we go over the two services to enlighten homeowners on the differences to help them understand why professional pressure washing trumps DIY house cleaning.

What Does DIY Pressure Washing Involve?

DIY pressure washing is the practice of performing high-pressure washing without the aid of trained professionals. A considerable amount of individuals will pressure wash their own homes using a garden hose. Many will also use a commercially available power washer for other home projects, such as removing paint from cars.

What Does Professional Pressure Washing Involve?

Professional pressure washing is a service that individuals and commercial and residential property managers use for their properties. This service for pressure washing in Denver aims to remove dirt, mildew, mold, and other growth using high-pressure water from surfaces such as concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, decks, wooden fences, and more.

Pressure washing cleans the surface of the property using high-pressure water at a pressure of 300 to 3000 PSI.

Reasons Why Professional Pressure Washing Is Often Better Than DIY Pressure Washing

While it’s perfectly ok to clean your own home’s exterior, professional pressure washing is better for several reasons:

Professionals Guarantee Quality and Expertise for the Job

First, professional companies have the experience and knowledge to do the job correctly. They know how to ensure they’re using the right chemicals, electric/gas pressure washer equipment, and techniques and won’t damage your property.

Professionals Can Save You Time and Effort

If you have a large property with many different surfaces, such as brick or stone, having a professional company handle it will save you time and effort because they will already understand what needs doing for each specific surface type.

Professionals Will Deliver a Safer Job

If you don’t have much experience with pressure washing in Denver, you may cause more damage than good. You may be too aggressive or not follow the proper safety precautions for using pressurized water.

Professionals Offer Value for Your Money

Professional pressure washing offers more value for your money. Since professionals have access to superior equipment and chemicals, it costs less than hiring someone less qualified or experienced. A less experienced person can damage your property or waste time on ineffective methods that don’t work well enough.

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