Questions to Ask When Choosing a Gutter Cleaning Service

Gutter Cleaning in Denver

Clogged gutters can do so much damage to your property like wreak havoc on your rooftop, siding, and yard. When debris builds up and blocks your gutter drains, you need dependable, affordable help.

Fortunately, hiring the right gutter cleaning service is straightforward when you ask the right questions. Keep reading below to learn which questions our Platinum Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning team recommends you ask before hiring a gutter cleaning service.

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Questions to Ask Your Gutter Cleaning Service

Want to make sure you’re hiring the best in the business? Ask the questions below to find the right gutter cleaning service for your needs.

#1: How Long Have You Been In Business?

The best gutter cleaning companies out there have years of experience, meaning their technicians have seen it all. These expert gutter cleaners can tackle any clog, install a new system, and recommend the proper gutter guards for your home or business.

#2: What Methods Do You Clean Gutters With?

Method matters. When cleaning gutters, many inexperienced technicians may use the wrong debris removal methods, resulting in property damage or injury. Make sure your team knows their stuff by having them walk you through their gutter cleaning methodology.

#3: What Equipment Do You Use?

Some startup companies may not yet have the necessary equipment to complete a gutter-cleaning project safely and efficiently. If your technicians lack critical tools like ladders, vacuums, or pressure washers, seek another consultation elsewhere.

#4: Do You Have Insurance?

For their safety and yours, your gutter cleaning company should have proof of valid and current insurance. These policies protect the workers, your property, and you in the event that something goes wrong during gutter cleaning services.

#5: Do You Provide Free Quotes or Estimates?

Having your gutters cleaned shouldn’t clean out your bank account.

The best gutter cleaning services focus on customer satisfaction over profit. When vetting your gutter cleaning service choice, look for a company that offers free project quotes or service estimates.

#7: Do You Have Service Guarantees or Warranties?

If you’re unsatisfied with your gutter cleaning service, you don’t want to get stuck with the bill. Service guarantees protect you in the event that your chosen gutter cleaning company performs poorly or causes other issues during their services.

For repairs, ensure that the company you choose is knowledgeable about product warranties and the steps you must take to keep warranties valid.

#8: Is Your Staff Licensed?

Finally, licensing indicates training, experience, and professional dedication. Check to see if your gutter cleaning service has professional licensing or training certifications before hiring.

Hire The Best Gutter Cleaning Service in Denver

When it comes to gutter cleaning in Denver, CO, there’s no better choice than Platinum Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning. If you want a company with the experience, tools, training, and technique to provide top-notch, affordable gutter cleaning services, schedule your consultation by calling 303-931-7300 today.

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