Should You Pressure Wash Your Home in Denver Before Painting?

Platinum Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning Pressure Washing Denver

Do you plan on giving your abode a fresh coat of paint? Before you crack open that first can, you might consider pressure washing your exteriors.

As the go-to provider of tailor-fit pressure washing in Denver, we know a thing or two about this cleaning technique; trust us when we say it makes all the difference in achieving a professional finish. Keep reading to learn more!

Why Thorough Prep Work Is a Must

Any veteran painter will tell you that about 80% of the job is prep work. While you could just slap on the new hue and hope for the best, it would ultimately result in a lackluster look that won’t last more than a couple of years if you’re lucky.

Pressure washing is the key to unlocking that clean slate all painters love to work with, as it eliminates all the dirt, grime, mold, and other debris lodged in your surfaces. With no contaminants getting in the way, the new product will adhere perfectly and leave you with a beautiful coat that serves you twice as long.

Soft Washing vs. Power Washing: What’s the Difference?

Pressure washing in Denver comes in two forms: soft washing and power washing. While some people use these terms interchangeably, they actually refer to very distinct techniques. It’s important to understand their differences, so you can make an informed decision and choose the best option for your home.

Soft washing relies on a blend of detergents to break down dirt and grime. The gentler process is ideal for delicate surfaces like vinyl siding, stucco, and wood shingles.

Power washing, on the other hand, is a deep cleaning method that swiftly removes stubborn stains. It blasts away grime with more force, making it better suited for exterior surfaces like concrete and masonry.

Partner with Veteran Pressure Washers

You might feel tempted to rent a power washer and take on the project yourself, but we advise against it. Even the most basic models can produce up to 1500 PSI. By comparison, your garden hose only releases between 45 to 80 PSI.

When used incorrectly, the high level of water pressure can:

  • Damage your siding, windows, and other components
  • Harm the surrounding landscape and vegetation
  • Cause bodily harm
  • Waste more water than necessary

Hiring pressure washing professionals isn’t just more convenient; it’s also much safer. Why not save yourself time, money, and a headache by leaving this specialized task to well-trained and properly equipped technicians?

A Denver Crew You Can Trust

Painting projects already involve enough hassle. From picking out the perfect shade to fixing any surface imperfections, you’ve got enough on your plate. Let our specialists at Platinum Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning take care of the cleaning step!

Our team combines cutting-edge equipment with high-quality cleaning solutions to deliver superior pressure washing service in Denver. When you work with us, you’ll get superior services at fantastic prices. Give us a call at 303-931-7300 to discuss the nitty-gritty details. Make the smart choice today!

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